Transforming Lives

BMHA educates the community about healing practices and culturally-relevant approaches to contemporary challenges.


Renewing Minds

BMHA empowers the Black community by offering an array of call-to-action programs and initiatives.

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Changing the Conversation

BMHA members gain greater access to national thought leaders  and have a platform to share their research and experiences with a wider audience while gaining more patients for their practice.

Membership Has Its Benefits

#BlackMindsMatter To Us!

Annually, BMHA provides over 600 referrals to individuals seeking licensed culturally-competent clinicians for behavioral and mental health treatment.

Over 100 behavioral and mental health professionals receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through BMHA each year. Now, our training division has seminars offering CEUs at a discount for BMHA members.


BMHA provides meaningful, engaging and empowering monthly programming educating Black people on their ability to heal both individually and as a community. Our events empower participants to seek additional help and resources.

The 4-1-1 On The 5-0

Hands up. Unarmed. On camera. At a traffic stop. Sleeping at home. Holding a phone. Asking for help. Selling CDs. Playing with a toy gun. Running away. In front of witnesses. In front of our families.

How are we supposed to respond to police officers? How can we teach our family to make it through these encounters? This is a vital conversation. Don’t miss Episode 2 of the “Real Talk: Black Minds Matter” Podcast. Stay tuned for launch date.

We’ll take a look at police interactions with the Black community beyond just the stats and framed from a mental health perspective. There is a clear racial bias that Black people face during police encounters. Systemic racism and policies have played a major part in the targeting of Black Americans, and we continue to experience the effects.

As we continue to combat the bias, it’s important to keep in mind the tremendous impression this has on our collective mental health. The anger, hurt, and emotion are justified, but it’s so important to use our energies and our platforms for sustainable transformation while eradicating racist systems and institutions.